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Here's some frequently ask questions to put your mind at ease!

  • Are there going to be lots of people standing around waiting for their turn?
    Having been a provider for a number of years we have recognised that this could be an issue. We provide more than enough coaches for a group and a format which will ensure people are actively engaged. As we do a lot of work for schools it is absolutely essential that the pupils are not left to stand around, we have developed a system which will ensure minimal non shooting time.
  • I haven't done any physical activity for sometime will I be able to take part?
    Yes, we supply very low poundage equipment which we can match to individual requirements.
  • What if it's raining?
    We would advise organisers to ensure that participants bring appropriate clothing and foot ware. Unless it is thunder and lightning we would normally continue with the activity.
  • When I did it before I caught my arm, will this happen again?
    In 90% of the cases this suggests you have been poorly taught, in which case we can help you avoid this. In 10% it maybe a physical characteristic we will provide the appropriate protection.
  • Last time I did it I couldn't hit the target, will I be demoralised again?
    Appropriate coaching will ensure that you hit the target, we are equipped to support you having a successful session.
  • What is the difference between Field archery and target archery?
    Target archery may be performed indoors or out. The important element is that a specific round is shot in which is specified the distance or distances from the archer to the target and the size of the target. By comparison, field archery is shot outside over varying terain at varying, often obscure distances .
  • What does archery teach?
    Archery can teach you to focus, relax, increase balance and strength. Archery is a diversified sport involving your whole body making it a great sport for improving your self and your body. ... Let explain how you can use archery to learn the skills and what skills you are going to learn.
  • Where to find us
    Find us at Fonmon Near Rhoose in our outdoor facility just off B4265, 50 yards down fonmon road. use what 3 words to find us on Fonmon road.
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